Isn't it that all word is noise

and you need to penetrate

to get at the signals,

or even symbols

most of which are personal-

Isn't it that they are all

past oriented and

lexicon driven

and you need to penetrate

to get at the something

or even beyond the something-

Isn't it that the symbols

abound all around

not caring

if they are picked up or not

not caring

if they do convey anything or nothing-

we only receive

what we only give


Isn't it that the dog at the street corner hoots

for no ostensible reason

just putting up its head skyward

and looking or not looking

at whatever is in the skies

and the old lady

picks the rags and goes about


at the economic indices

or the trends in arts and thoughts-

yet, beyond it all

you kindle the something in me

wordless it may be

but something it is

the sap of life

Do not tell me

it is gibberish.

A. Thiagarajan






































































































































































































































































































































































































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